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One Kitchen, Three Schemes
Have you ever visited someone's house for the first time, and found it looking strangely familiar, like you'd been there before?  And yet you know you haven't.
But still...Then you realize what it is.  You just came from Crate & Barrel--and  so did everything in the room.  Don't let that happen to you.  No matter what you've got to work with, there's always more than one way to go.  Here's a kitchen in an 189O's house, in 3 separate schemes.  The Victorian was my first look, but when i bought a vintage range with a nickel-plated top and a neon clock, the antiques went to the other rooms.  Brushed aluminum blinds and aluminum panels on the wall recreated the look of my favorite childhood restaurant, the Chuck Wagon Diner in Champaign illinois.  I even found a commercial model milkshake machine--and gained 15 pounds over the course of a single summer.  When a burglar made off with the clock, I redid the room again, with paint by-numbers artwork and multicolor enamel pans.  The moral here is that your only limitation in your decor is your own imagination.  So keep your eyes open.

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