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A young girl's chance sighting of an amusing 193O's etched mirror in an antique store was the inspiration for this underwater room. The walls were painted turquoise, then layered with a series of brilliant blue glazes and finished with a high gloss lacquer.  The depth and richness of the deepening blues created a wonderful illusion that was enhanced with furnishings and bedding in a narrow range of watery hues.  A large mobile of tropical fish, painted in the luminous colors of the deep floated above the bed, and the artisan-made hardware on the case pieces carried out the theme.   This house, built in the 192O's, had retained one of its original bathrooms. and my young client chose this as her own room for just that reason.  Bath accessories with tropical fish were once commonplace, but their rarity today meant a clear shower curtain had to be customized to carry out the decor. I usually don't care for themed rooms, but this one was fun to do because the young girl for whom it was created already has very unique tastes.  No store-bought themes for her.


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